UGREEN USB-C to USB-A Cables for iPhone 15 and CarPlay

I just received a few UGREN UGREEN USB-C to USB-A Cables today.

UGREEN USB 3.0 Fast Charging Cable, 3.3ft

UGREEN USB A to USB C Cable, Type C Fast Charger Cable 6.6ft

UGREEN USB C Cable 2 Pack USB C Fast Charging Cable 3A USB Cable 6.6 ft

All of the cables are braided and thin, as the 6.6ft versions are thinner than its 3.3ft counterpart.

All 3 cables can be used with iPhone 15 and CarPlay in cars that only have USB-A ports.

In previous post, I tested an Anker PowerLine II UGREEN USB-C to USB-A Cable for iPhone 15 and CarPlay compatibility. Yes it is compatible, but the cable itself is thick and a bit too stiff. I’ll be using this cable as USB-C data-transfer cable with computers.