Microsoft-Induced Rage

It seems that Microsoft never learns not to mess with people’s computer. In this case, we’re talking about Windows 11 upgrade.

There are reasons why certain users are staying on Windows 10. That’s because certain applications are not working, properly or at all, in Windows 11.

Must we tell Windows not to upgrade to Windows 11 every month?

New Assignment with DS1621+

New assignment arrived at the office earlier today. I am setting up Synology DS1621+ for the office to replace one of our old NAS. The package came with a few 16TB hard drives.

16TB Seagate Exos™ X16

The DiskStation came with 4GB RAM, which I would add later.

Box from the past

At year end, we were cleaning up our storage at the office and rediscovered a packaging box from 2001.

Original iPod packaging

The iPod is safely stored on the shelf and still functioning. The box was stashed away more than 20 years ago.

The iPod changed consumer electronics landscape and was responsible in making Apple as the brand in consumer electronics. Just within a short 6 years after the release of original iPod, Apple released their most popular ever, iPhone.