An Hour and a Half at Apple Genius Bar

It started with a text at 6:21 am on Saturday morning.

Please fix, possibly today. (Referring to an iPhone 11 Pro with broken screen.)

iPhone 11 Pro with broken screen.

First I thought I should rent Apple Self Service Repair kit (, but t needed to be done today. So I made an appointment with Apple Genius Bar.

Even though it was a Saturday, my schedule was not surprisingly full. I was working on one MacBook Pro failing to start. At the same time, I was trying to figure out why Microsoft Outlook on a particular Windows PC kept crashing.

A few emails and texts came in for appointments. I also was tasked to pick up a birthday present at a particular retailer. It was indeed a busy Saturday.

I went in to the Apple Store 5 minutes before my appointment, and promptly seated at the Genius Bar. Finding out that the AppleCare+ had already expired, I knew it was going to be an expensive repair; $279 Out if Warranty repair vs $29 with AppleCare+.

iPhone 11 out of warranty Screen Replacement costs
iPhone 12 Pro Max screen replacement cost with AppleCare+

Knowing this I made a call to get confirmation for the pricing so I can proceed with the repair; it was approved.

iPhone 11 Pro with broken screen during diagnostic.

One hour later I went back to the Apple Store to pick up the the iPhone 11 Pro, with new screen. I paid $279 + Sales Tax and went on to my next destination.

2021, Day Three

Southern California Sunset

A lot of things happened on the first Sunday of 2021 in the news. I won’t get to that since you can search for them.

I was cleaning my 2014 MacBook Pro as it has accumulated a lot of dust inside.

Cleaning MacBook Pro
Cleaning MacBook Pro

Elliot is staying with us for the next few days.

Elliot Spritzer T. Kitten
Elliot Spritzer T. Kitten

The (funny) Allen Tire Company is at it again.

Allen Tire Company Private Sign
Allen Tire Company Private Sign