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  1. Hi there,

    I noticed you own both a Panasonic SD5 and an SD9. I’m weighing up the two myself at the moment. Which is your preference? Have you resolved your SD9+iMovie issues?

    All best (and nice guitar playing, by the way!),


    The issues with iMovie and HDC-SD9 has been resolved. You need to have at least QuickTime 7.5 and the latest iMovie ’08.

    Personally, I prefer HDC-SD5 control. Because it is located in the back of the camcorder and easier to access.

    As for the quality of the video, I had to wait a little bit more because the unit I have was defective according to Panasonic. It is currently being shipped back to Panasonic. Please check back, I will definitely post anything related to my HDC-SD9.

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