Package 2 of 2

Another exciting day here at the Headquarters as we unpacked the second package. I like this version better than the Red Black and White. Up next, hopefully by June 2024 we get to complete the collection. Note to guitar shops out there, send us an offer if you have one in stock with the case. …


Homebrew –

For information on how to renew an existing AppleCare plan:

Mac Hardware Diagnostic ToolPress and hold “D” key while booting up.

macOS Software Update, command line:
softwareupdate -ia
softwareupdate -ia –include-config-data

Highlight Stack Items on Hover in Mac OS X Dock
To turn on:
defaults write mouse-over-hilite-stack -boolean yes;killall Dock

To turn off
defaults write mouse-over-hilite-stack -boolean no;killall Dock

How to fix the iCloud APLZOD.dll error in Outlook
Slipstick Systems

Microsoft Service Agreement, May 1, 2018