iOS 5 beta breaks Netflix and Hulu app.

According to posting on MacRumors forums, iOS 5 beta breaks Netflix and Hulu App. Then again, iOS 5 beta is intended for testing, not for general use. iOS Developers should be if not already aware of this kind of issue.

We are under the assumption that Netflix and Hulu are aware of this issue. Expect the apps to work when iOS 5 is publicly released.

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  1. I have an ipad 1st generation running ios5. With legal UDID.

    Was disappoint netflix didn’t work. Reading this confirms the problem isn’t with my device.


    1. Seriously, why is this an issue?
      iOS 5 is still in beta and you should have known the risk.

      I’m pretty sure there are people who joined iOS Developer Program for all the wrong reasons. Asking a friend to register the UDID just to install the iOS beta is a bad idea.

      More importantly, complaining about iOS beta on a public forum violates the iOS Developer Program Non-Disclosure Agreement. Apple might not been actively going after those who revealed the details on iOS beta, breaking the NDA is disrespectful.

      Wait until iOS 5 is officially released, then you’ll get your Netflix App working.

      1. Wow. What an uncalled for rant. Seriously. I don’t think he was complaining, just stating something he wasn’t sure was an isolated problem on his end or a bug with iOS5. Believe it or not, that’s part of how we find bugs and get them sorted out before release.

        Seeing as how you have alot of energy to spare, why not direct it towards the likes of Engadget, Gizmodo, BGR, TiPB (heck, any mainstream tech site, which all combined reach millions of people) and scold them for their iOS 5 impressions, walkthroughs, tutorials and screenshots? Heck, Gizmodo even posted a tutorial on how to upgrade without a developer account.
        But hey, shame on the evil first poster for his Netflix inquiry “complaint”.

        1. Yes I was cranky. A few days after iOS 5 beta was released to Developers, some people asking for help because their favorite apps are no longer working with iOS 5. There were some who bypassed iOS 5 activation per Gizmodo instructions. Now they want to go back to iOS 4.3.3/iOS 4.2.8 which might be a little bit more difficult.

          No disrespect to the first commenter, Jase who wrote: “Was disappoint netflix didn’t work.”

          The calls and that line was the catalyst for the rant. Not meant to direct it to Jase but to those who installed iOS 5 beta for the wrong reasons and complaining when things do not work. Sites like Gizmodo, 9to5 Mac, etc. are part of the problem too.

          I feel the frustations developers are experiencing dealing with users who complained that their software is not working in iOS 5 beta. Read here: and the comment here:

          I’d like to apologize for sounding so rude.

          I am sure that Apple Developer Forums ( is full of discussions on what apps not working in iOS 5 beta. If you’re a registered developer, you should go there and discuss it with your peers.


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