Malware, Malware and more Malware.

For the past week I have been removing a lot of Malware from a lot of computers running Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Some are harder to remove than the others. In general I’d like to avoid the Scorched-Earth scenario whenever possible, as it is the last resort.

Malware Script

There are a lot of ways to remove Malware, there is not a single solution.

Whenever removing Malware from Windows computers I tend to boot to Safe mode with a Command prompt and remove any Malware reference from “Run” key in the registry and Start from Programs Menu.

Some tools/programs that I use:

I then use Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool and Safety Scanner to for the second run of Malware removal.

There are a lot of other tools/programs that I use to remove the Malware whenever necessary.


Just Another Day in Malware Removal

Another day, another computer infested with malware.


Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) identified here:

  • BackupDutyLite
  • ImminentMessenger
  • ImproveSpeedPC
  • iYogiToolbar
  • SearchProtectAll
  • Starter (DriverGenius)