Bing vs. Google: Natalie Portman Ridiculous Movie

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about movies. In the middle of conversation my friend mentioned an upcoming movie with Natalie Portman. The title of the movie eluded us, the only thing my friend remembered was the trailer was so ridiculous.

Naturally I opened a web browser and search for the phrase: “Natalie Portman Ridiculous Movie” using Google Search. Lo and behold, the first link did have the title and the trailer for the movie “Your Highness” (warning, site requires Flash, that’s for you, iOS users!).

I was curious what the supposed Google Search rival, Bing, would give me if I searched for the same phrase. Not even close, no mention of “Your Highness” from Bing results.

For comparisons, I am using


Santa Monica