Google Nexus One Phone: Some Questions Answered.

Google Android Event went without any major surprises. Engadget already reviewed the phone. The pricing details were leaked days before the announcement. There are number of questions about Nexus One Phone that a lot of people still want to know.

Will it work with AT&T, Sprit, and Verizon?
Nexus One Phone is a GSM device and it will not work with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint. Nexus One Phone is fully compatible with T-Mobile network. Nexus One Phone will work with AT&T and Rogers network sans 3G support.
Place an order: Using the phone with your SIM card

How much does it cost?
$529 for a Nexus One Phone
$179 for Nexus One Phone with T-Mobile Even More individual 500 Plan. read more

Will Nexus One Phone support other carriers?
As of now Verizon and Vodafone have signed up with Google for Nexus One Phone.

Where can I read more about Google Nexus One Phone?

What is the tech specs for Google Nexus One phone?

Anything else?
More info will follow soon.

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  1. I heard on a local news channel that NEXUS ONE for Verizon is being sold for US$129. Have you come across that too? I am wondering if that was mis-reported…

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