The Astonishing NOMAC

The Astonishing NOMAC

I pre-ordered Dream Theater “The Astonishing” Box Set Bundle back in January 2016. The Box Set Bundle includes:

  • The Astonishing Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set
  • The Astonishing 2CD Set
  • The Astonishing Digital Album
  • The Astonishing Digital FLAC Album
  • The Astonishing Gift
  • The Gift of Music Digital Single

Throughtout the year, Roadrunner Records shipped parts of the Box Set Bundle while the Deluxe Box Set was delyaed numerous times.

I finally received The Astonishing Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set on August 3, 2016. It is a nice collectible for Dream Theater Fans and  Collectors.


Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty


I tried out Ernie Ball Music Man John Petrucci Signature Guitar Majesty some few months ago at a local guitar store and I really liked it. I have been a fan of Dream Theater and John Petrucci since my radio days in the 1990’s.

My first choice was the Polar Noir model (black). I always like guitars in neutral colors such as black. Then I saw the Iced Crimson model (red); I like it too. Why not add bold colors to my seemingly all-black gears.

Fast forwards a few months, I finally saw the Arctic Dream model (as pictured above) in person. The color-shifting paint-job is amazing. Under certain lighting and viewing angle it is radiating the color green, purple and sometimes black.

For a brief moment, I thought that I should get a 7-string model; as it would have been the first in my arsenal. I then decided to get the 6-string model.

Just a few days ago, an Arctic Dream Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty was delivered to my office. It will take me sone times to get familiar with this San Luis Obispo, USA-made instrument.




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Dream Theater: The Astonishing Autographed Poster

Dream Theater The Astonishing Autograph Poster

Originally set for release date of March 25, 2016 and delayed several times, The Astonishing Boxset is set to ship on June 17, 2016.

To bribe reward Dream Theater fans who preordered the boxset, Roadrunner Records sends out autographed posters of The Astonishing.

I personally can make out James LaBrie’s and John Myung’s autograph. I would assume the on on the top right is Mike Mangini’s. I can’t figure out which one is Jordan Rudess’ and which one is John Petrucci’s.