Comedy Central Pulled South Park Episode “201” Off The Air Amidst Controversy.

It is also possible that Comedy Central wouldn’t be airing both “200 and “201” anymore. In addition to that both episodes might never be allowed to stream at South Park Studios. Episode “200” is now unavailable on iTunes Store.

Comedy Central has pulled South Park Episode “201” off the air, they will be showing “You Have 0 Friends” instead. At this point I cannot confirmed if Comedy Central aired “201” on Thursday night at 10:00 PM, the usual Thursday slot for new Episodes of South Park following the Wednesday Premiere and Midnight Encore. Usually South Park Studios provides stream tho the broadcast version of new episodes shortly after it premiers on Comedy Central. Within a day the uncensored versions are made available for streaming. Unfortunately Comedy Central has decided not to allow South Park Studios to stream Episode “201” in its broadcast and in its original (uncensored) version.

South Park fans also unable to watch the Episode “201” at South Park Studios site due to Comedy Central’s disapproval. Instead, fans of the show are downloading “201” from numbers of sites that provide the Episode recorded from its original broadcast on Wednesday April 21st, 2010.

Comedy Central is certainly choosing the safest path to walk on, even though it proves to be unpopular among South Park fans. Comedy Central has yet to release any official statement regarding its decision to censor the episode. In the end Comedy Central must have believed that censoring and pulling off the Episode off the air are the right thing to do.


If you feel compelled to say something to Comedy Central, please do so in a civilized manner. Remember that The United States of America values the Freedom of Speech. Comedy Central has the right to censor any South Park Episodes, and you have the right to tell them how you feel about it.

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  1. I think we all should just make a cartoon with muhamed in it and post them on zimbabwe servers. This way nobody can take it off except the fbi and if everybody would be doing it at the same time they could not blame just 1 or 2 persons “or company’ like the danish cartoon guy. If newspapers all over the world would have just put it on their front page. There wouldnt be an issue.

    Becuase c’mon. We all know this is rediculous and we all THINK and KNOW this is surpression of freedom of speech. SO GEERT WILDERS we are supporting you.

  2. at first i was like @uck comidey central dont sencer mat and tray!
    then i was like #uck the muslums! they can go to hell
    then i stoped and thout about if they bomed the CC building and about the famileys and frends and childern that would be devistated at the loss of loved ones
    then i was like %uck muslems agine
    then i thout about all the >>>NOT<<< crazy ones that dont understand our freedoms here and would go crazyer at what thay see as a Evil empire.
    in the end i can understand why they did it me getting to LOL is not worth someone's life However bending to the will of someone who says do it or i will kill you is Vary wrong so i say kick it out on the net in a torrent let the folks who want to see it see it this way CC can say we dident do it and we can see southpark without anyone getting killed over Freaking SouthPark!

    PS. how fucked up is it that we have come to this

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