Desperate Ars Technica Writer comes up with Sensationalistic Headline

If you were a writer for a well-established tech-site and you’re desperate for page views, what would you do?

Ars Technica writer, Casey Johnston knows exactly what to do. Write a sensationalistic headline.

Desperate iOS users download Google Maps 10 million times in 2 days


It is a poor choice of word. It also shows how misinformed the writer is. The one person who is “desperate” for attention is none other than Casey Johnston herself. How in the world Ars Technica Editor would approve this post. People who read Ars Technica might have mistaken it for a tabloid magazine.

For that, Casey Johnston is the JackArse Technica of the day.


This is not the first time in recent months Ars Technica published poorly written articles and headlines.