Kerry King – “From Hell I Rise”

Late last night I received an email containing the link to download Kerry King’s debut solo record “From Hell I rise”.

Just earlier today, Amazon delivered the record.

Kerry King – “From Hell I Rise” record, Amazon Exclusive Vinyl.

I’ve listened to most of the songs prior to last night and the whole record obviously sounds familiar. I like SLAYER and I like this record too.

I also ordered a copy of the record direct from Kerry King’s official website. According to USPS, it is still en route.

…paragraph deleted because it sounds pretentious and pedantic. 😬

Anyway, I am looking forward to the next record from this lineup.

Showing No Mercy!

I preordered Slayer’s “Show No Mercy” 40th Anniversary Edition, Liquid “blood” filled vinyl directly from Metal Blade Records shop. It was priced at $199.99 + sales tax; and friend thought that I was crazy. I’m a huge fan of Slayer and it’s worth the price.

Slayer – “Show No Mercy” 40th Anniversary Edition, Liquid “blood” filled vinyl.

Shortly after the preorder was sold out, numerous posting on eBay priced this limited edition vinyl at $999.99 and supposedly sold out too. I do despise eBay scalpers. They shouldn’t be allowed to resell preorders.

$999.99 eBay listing for Slayer – “Show No Mercy” 40th Anniversary Edition, Liquid “blood” filled vinyl.

Now that the actual product is delivered, the price has gone down to $800.00 and $699.00 on eBay.

$699.00 and $800.00 eBay listings for Slayer – “Show No Mercy” 40th Anniversary Edition, Liquid “blood” filled vinyl.

Scalpers are profiting from true fans.

Steel Panther: “1987” the Song, the Video, and the Pedal.

Steel Panther premieres video of “1987” song from the upcoming album “On The Prowl”.

I would talk to you about the “1987” guitar, but it was $5,150 (pre discount) and already sold out. You can order its mini replica direct from Steel Panther.

I did get the “1987” Pedal and it was one of the first batch in the production.

Steel Panther “1987” Guitar Pedal

For more information, go to

“Nu Megadeath?”

uDiscover Music Store is part of Universal Music Group (UMG), home to many music artists, including Megadeth. Or in this case, Megadeath.

Megadeth’s 2022 release: The Sick, The Dying… And The Dead! is due for release on September 2, 2022.