First there was a loud crashing sound…

I was at the end of Chat Support with Apple when I heard a loud crashing sound right outside the building. I then typed:

I gotta go, there’s a crash outside the building;


Firefighters were on the scene within 120 seconds, as the accident was only 20 feet away from a Fire Station.

It looked like there were total of three vehicles involved in the accident, I could only see two including the pick-up truck pictured above. People were gathering around as eyewitnesses described what they saw to the firefighters.

Police arrived a few minutes later.

We should have DashCam as a standard equipment in all new cars. Retrofitting DashCam into existing cars is also a great idea.

Now Playing: Dream Theater – Distance Over Time

Dream Theater’s fourteenth studio album “Distance Over Time” is officially released on Friday, February 22, 2019.

The album clocks in under 1 hour, without bonus track “Viper King”.

“Room 137” lyric was written by Mike Mangini , which is a first for Dream Theater.

After the first listen of the album in its entirety, not counting the first three songs (“Untethered Angel”, Paralyzed”, and “Fall into the Light”) which were made available prior to the album release; “At Wit’s End” and “Viper King” stand out.

I need to listen to this album a lot more time to form any further opinion.