Waiting for Iron Maiden’s New Album: “Senjutsu”

Iron Maiden’s seventeenth studio album, “Senjutsu” (Japanese: 戦術) is scheduled for release worldwide on September3, 2021. Two songs off the album, “The Writing on the Wall” and “Stratego”, were released as singles ahead of the a release date.

As fan of Iron Maiden, I couldn’t wait to hear the album. Luckily, thanks to something called “digital music”, I would be able to listen to them on the eve of the release date. I had also preordered the physical album which is scheduled for delivery a bit later than September 3.

The Scientific Number of The Beast.

This is the second time within 3 weeks I visited Sonic Drive-In, and I got the same total. I ordered different combo each time.

The combo includes large drinks and large Tots. It totals at $6.66 including sales tax.

I can hear myself singing:

6.66, The Scientific Number of The Beast.

I wonder if Iron MAiden would approve this version of the lyrics.