Package 3 of 2?

Well, package #3 was completely something we did not plan and did happen. To be honest, it’s supposed to be only one package, but plan changed.

At first, we’re planning only to acquire the Red, Black and White EVH Wolfgang Special Striped Series, thanks to a pretty nice discount offered by the vendor. Another vendor made an offer to us for the Yellow and Black 🐝 EVH Wolfgang Special Striped Series.

Late last week, the first vendor made another offer that really tempted us. Now we have completed the series.


We’re going to get these guitars inspected by our favorite luthier who is also a Fender/EVH authorized repair service provider.

Package 2 of 2

Another exciting day here at the Headquarters as we unpacked the second package.

EVH Wolfgang Special Striped Series, Black and Yellow, Bumblebee 🐝

I like this version better than the Red Black and White model.

Up next, hopefully by June 2024 we get to complete the collection. Note to guitar shops out there, send us an offer if you have one in stock with the case. You know which one we’re talking about.

Package 1 of 2

Package one has arrived. It is another exciting unpacking day here at our headquarters.


We’re expecting another package sometimes next week.


We might get the third package if we can make the deal with the vendor.

Three Years to the Day

The failure to recognize history would be the downfall of human existence. We human are hardwired to self-destruct, as James Hetfield said.

We think it is easy to rewrite our memories through denial and ignorance. What we do and what we are doing about it will determine what we will do.

It is a lot easier to revert to our primal selves and throw away the progress we made as civilized society. we will only fool ourselves if we do that.

What happened in days of the past should guide us in the days to come.

New Guitar Strap

New guitar strap came in the mail today. It is Fender Modern Tweed Guitar Strap. It is a little bit thinner than Dunlop Classic Tweed Guitar Strap.

Dunlop Classic Tweed and Fender Modern Tweed Guitar Straps

I like these Tweed Guitar Straps, as I find them comfortable. That’s my personal preference.

Steve Vai: Passion & Warfare signed Blue Vinyl

I went to the office earlier today and saw a package from Steve Vai Official Merchandise Store. It is the “Passion & Warfare” blue Vinyls signed by Steve Vai.

Steve Vai: Passion & Warfare signed Blue Vinyl

It was and is still one of my favorite records. Buying this record direct is a way to support the artist.

Earlier today I visited John Livzey, who was the go-to photographer of the late and great Frank Zappa. We talked about some of the photos he took including Frank Zappa, Randy Rhoads, and Eddie Van Halen.

Livzey told me some brilliant moments of Steve Vai working with Frank Zappa. He showed me a few photos from Vai sessions. One of the photos can be viewed at Livzey website.