Memory Box: Dual Powered USB Cable

We have been sorting out storage and found a lot of parts, components, cables, etc.

Dual Powered USB Cable

Some devices requires more power than a single USB (1.0) can provide. Therefore a Dual Powered USB Cables were needed.

So many memories…

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

My colleague was really looking forward to using Microsoft’s Universal Mobile Keyboard. It connects to iOS devices (i.e. iPhone and iPad), Android devices and Desktop PC via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the unit he received was defective as the battery was not holding any charges. It worked great when connected to a power source via micro-USB. The power cuts out as soon as the USB cable was unplugged. Amazon sent out replacement unit and it was delivered two days after. For some odd reasons, the replacement unit was also defective. Microsoft has yet to respond to the support request.

By the way, the rubberized surface attracts all kinds of dirts.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard attracts dirts


“Isn’t this your picture being used?”

MacBook Air Software Reinstall USB Drive 960x540

Vondiggity sent me an email:

Isn’t this your picture being used?


ParisLemon is using a photo that I took

Indeed, that is definitely the photo I took. I uploaded this photo on 37prime Flickr account, dated December 20, 2010 under Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

M.G. Siegler must be too busy checking his million-dollar account balance that he doesn’t have the time to give proper attributions.

ArsTechnica used this very same photo for their article back in October 23, 2013 with attributions. (37prime)

37prime photo in Ars Technica article