You’ve gotta be kidding me, Ozzy’s Boneyard!

Now, that is some serious time travel, to have the song “Creeping Death” as a part of “Kill ‘Em All” record.

I’ve seen tons of gaffe on “Ozzy’s Boneyard”, a channel on SiriusXM. This one really make me want to meow loudly.

All well-read cats know that “Creeping Death” is one of the songs in Metallica’s sophomore album “Ride The Lightning”, which follows “Kill ‘Em All”.

One Last Day with Automatic

I bought my first Automatic Link-Auto OBD in 2013.

Six years and many days later, I am using Automatic for one more day. Today is the last day.

in 2017, Automatic Labs Inc. was acquired by SiriusXM and changed its business model.

Automatic will be shutting down its service at 11:59 pm, PT, on May 28, 2020.

Users can download personal information and driving data through June 28, 2020

For now I have not found any good alternative to Automatic service. Without getting into the details, I attest that Automatic Emergency Service did help me.