Flickr App now supports Hashtags

Flickr App for iOS now support Hashtags.

What’s New in Version 2.11.820

  • Hashtags! Add a hashtag in your photo’s title or description, tap on the hashtag and instantly see all photos with that hashtag.
  • #FlickrFriday: Add #FlickrFriday to your photo and instantly participate in Flickr’s weekly photo challenge. Details and the weekly theme here:
  • Bug fixes

Everyone loves hashtags! Even Facebook is reportedly working to support hashtags.


Family Guy: Peter and Sidecar Falcon

Well since the Family Guy episode titled “Call Girl” already aired, I’d like to share something related to the episode.

A lot of people want to know what the name of the falcon. It’s Xerxes.

Peter and Sidecar Falcon

I present you Peter and Sidecar Falcon USB Card.

Peter and Sidecar Falcon USB Card 1

Peter and Sidecar Falcon USB Card 2