AmazonFresh Truck Spotted

It’s not a new news, but this is the first time I actually see AmazonFresh truck in the wild.


Free same-day and early morning delivery on orders over $35 of more than 500,000 Amazon items, including fresh grocery and local products.

That’s really tempting to me, but Prime Fresh Cost $299 annually and it includes Amazon Prime membership.

AmazonFresh and Prime Fresh Membership

  • What is Prime Fresh?
    Prime Fresh is a new upgrade of Prime that brings you the additional benefits of AmazonFresh.
  • How much does Prime Fresh cost?
    At the end of the free trial, you will be charged $299 for the next year and annually after that.
  • What if I am an existing Prime member?
    At the end of the free trial, your membership will automatically upgrade to a Prime Fresh membership and your Prime membership will be refunded on a pro-rated basis. You will be charged $299 for the next year and annually after that.
  • What is the difference between AmazonFresh and Prime Fresh?
    AmazonFresh is a store ( and delivery service. Prime Fresh is the membership program required to use AmazonFresh.
  • Do I need a Prime Fresh membership to use AmazonFresh?
    Yes, a Prime Fresh membership is required.
  • How do I get free delivery?
    Free delivery is available on orders over $35.
  • How do I get same-day or early morning delivery?
    Order by 10am for delivery by 6pm, or order by 10pm for delivery by 6am. Most items are available for same-day or early next-morning delivery. Some locally sourced items, like restaurants and specialty shops, may require more advance ordering time.
  • What delivery options are available?
    With Doorstep Delivery, your orders will be placed at your home in sealed, temperature-controlled tote bags. With Attended Delivery, tote bags are delivered in person to someone that must be home to receive them. Attended Delivery is required for sensitive purchases such as alcohol.

To check out AmazonFresh, you need to start the free 30-day trial.

AmazonFresh is currently available in select zip codes of Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California.

Amazon Fresh Seattle Los Angeles

Apple Store is Down for some apparent reasons.

It is reported everywhere that Apple Store Online is down for updates. What would it be?

According to someone who don’t give a damn about this non-news, Apple will be introducing some kind of thing that a small portion of Mac users would buy regardless what the product is.

Actually this is an excuse to post the screenshot from Apple Store App on the iPhone 3GS.

Why iPhone 3GS? No I do not have iPhone 4 yet, leave me alone! Steve Jobs promised me a white iPhone 4 and it’s not here yet. By the word “promise” I meant that Steve Jobs is not obligated to anything. I’m rocking Nexus One as my main phone right now. Thus the Airplane Mode.