Canon Vixia HG21 Raw AVCHD Sample

I was planning to post Canon Vixia HG20 raw AVCHD sample until I get to play with Canon Vixia HG21. Both cameras share similar specifications with the exceptions of larger hard drive and electronic viewfinder on Canon Vixia HG21.

vixia_hg21_still_frame 88.4MB
I forgot to check the date on the camcorder. It says that it was recorded on April 25th, 2008. Check out a different video sample below.

vixia_hg21 2nd clip 87.4MB

Inside the ZIP file, there is an mountable ISO file.

Canon Vixia HG10 Raw AVCHD Sample

It took me a while to get to it, but here it is as promised, Canon Vixia HG10 raw AVCHD sample. The jitters in the movie is from the vibration of the car and the speakers as I placed the camcorder on the dashboard. The Image Stabilizer in this camcorder does work some wonders.

Inside the ZIP file, there is an mountable ISO file.

For Mac OS X users, if the ISO does not mount, use Toast or any other programs until I upload a DMG file.

I will be posting Canon Vixia HG20 raw AVCHD sample soon.

UPDATE (2009.02.01):
I’ll be posting Canon Vixia HG21 raw AVCHD sample instead.

Buying Canon Vixia HV30 Hi-Def Camcorder

I am waiting for UPS to deliver Canon Vixia HV30 that I ordered from Currently I am using Panasonic HDC-SD5, Panasonic HDC-SD9, and Canon HG10 to work on multimedia projects. All three camcorders are AVCHD camcorders, which record on to SDHC or Hard Drive. Canon Vixia HV30 is an HDV Camcorder that records on to HD-MiniDV tapes.

As much as I like the AVCHD format, I found a few advantages using a tape-based camcorder. I will get into that later.

For now, I am waiting for the camcorder to arrive on July 3rd.

Delivery estimate: July 3, 2008
1 “Canon VIXIA HV30 MiniDV High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom
Electronics; $786.26
Sold by:, LLC


The following items have been shipped to you by
Qty      Item                           Price  Shipped  Subtotal
——————————————————————— items (Sold by, LLC):
1     Canon VIXIA HV30 MiniDV Hi…  $786.26      1  $786.26

Shipped via UPS (estimated arrival date: 03-July-2008).
Tracking number: ******************
Item Subtotal:  $786.26
Shipping & Handling:  $3.99

Total:  $790.25

Leo Laporte talked about this camcorder a few months back, and he took it to Tasmania for the Adobe Lightroom Adventure.

Canon Vixia HV30 product page @