July 3, 2021: The day before the Fourth

One day before the so called “let’s set off tons of firework day” in the United States, which is also known as one of the worst days for house pets. I could hear fireworks throughout the day. It started peaking around 21:00 hour, or 09:00 PM for most, as a local firework show started. One of the pets at home started panicking. One way he was coping with the absolute torture to the ears, is to rip apart one of the throw pillows from the couch. Tomorrow night is going to get worse.

Speaking of fireworks, some of you might have heard about the “controlled-explosion” of illegal fireworks seized by Los Angeles Police Department; that went out of control.

Anyway, I finally got to break the seal off Japan exclusive of Helloween self-titled CD.

Helloween Japan Exclusive CD with “We Are Real” track

It contains total of 14 songs on 2 CDs, with “We Are Real” as Japan exclusive track. Each Packaging comes with one out of seven randomly selected sticker featuring illustration of Helloween mark VII band member. This pack contains illustration of Andi Deris, on of three current vocalists, of Helloween.

The Fourth of July is coming up, and I have to find ways to calm all the pets in the house.

July 1, 2021: Where have the half-year gone?

It is about halfway into year 2021 and it still feels like March 2020. Having said that, a lot of things happened in the first half of 2021. Unfortunately due to many contributing factors, I haven’t been making any journal entries for almost the whole six months.

I would like to focus on one thing this time, and that is Music.

Two newly released records that I bought in June are:

  • Mammoth WVH – Debut album from Wolfgang Van Halen
  • Helloween – The self-titled album from Helloween

Mammoth WVH is Wolfgang Van Halen’s debut album, which is written and perform by himself. It is a solid offering from this one man band who happened to share the famous last name with the legendary Edward Van Halen. Wolfgang Van Halen was previously known as the bass player from the last incarnation of Van Halen, the band. He is also the son of Edward Van Halen and Valerie Bertinelli; talk about pressure to be more than ordinary. For some reasons I expected Wolfgang Van Halen to name his project “Mammoth Wolf”, a nod to his father’s legacy and his nickname. Mammoth WVH will be opening for Guns N’ Roses this Summer 2021 and playing a few headline shows.

On to Helloween self-titled album which features both Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske for the first time in decades, alongside the latest stable line-up of the band: Andi Deris, Sascha Gerstner, Dani Löble, Markus Grosskopf, and Michael Weikath. Seven band members in the seventh incarnation of Helloween. I call it Helloween mark VII. The record of this reunited and expanded Helloween is as exciting and nostalgic for the fans. It is not a remake of Keeper of the Seven Keys records. It is a representation of what the band is today. Setting aside the egos, Helloween is one of the best example of band reunion. I’m really wanting to hear their next record already.

What else? Oh, Anthrax will be celebrating their 40th Anniversary this July 16 with a streaming event. I’ve got my “ticket” for the event already.

Okay, I’ll save whatever I want to write for tomorrow.