Netflix Signs Peering Deal with Verizon

Netflix and Verizon


Netflix CEO Reed Hastings may really hate the peering deal he signed with Comcast, but that didn’t stop him from entering a similar partnership with another ISP: Verizon and Netflix have also agreed on a paid peering relationship.

News of that pact was first broken Monday afternoon on by BTIG Research’s Walter Piecyk, who tweeted Monday afternoon that Verizon CEO Lowell C. McAdam had confirmed the commercial relationship between the two companies.

As a customer of both Netflix and Verizon I should welcome this. As a technologist, I am not so sure if this is a good thing in the long run for consumers in general.

Netflix House of Cards Unwatchable on Verizon FiOS

There are more dominoes to fall following Netflix deal with Comcast and Verizon. It would affect more companies other than Netflix and ultimately consumers.

About that beeping noise.

If you are a Verizon FiOS customer and happen to hear beeping noise that is not coming form your smoke detector alarm,check your FiOS battery backup.

First you could reset the battery backup unit by unplugging the power and disconnecting the battery. If the “Replace Battery” light still on, then call Verizon customer service or technical support.

Trouble in FiOS Paradise tonight.

FiOS service is back to normal around 1:00 AM.

I’m having such a hard time accessing the Series of Tubes tonight. I have been enjoying Verizon FiOS service for a few years now. I was working on a MacBook Pro and was going to download Mac OS X 10.6.5 Combo Update. I then noticed that the download speed was so horrible so I checked if the problem was with Apple’s server or my Internet service. After numbers of tests, it was apparent that the FiOS service was having issues. I tested the Internet speed using and found out the download speed was significantly lower than usual. It was down to 1.5 Mb/s in a few tests. At one point the result from was really amusing.

6.66 Mb/s

I must be easily amused.