Waiting for New MacBook Pro to appear on Apple Store today? Don’t hold your breath.

The rumor is still alive and kicking. Maybe this Tuesday Apple would release the new Core i5/i7/i405 MacBook Pros. Well, I’ve been waiting for the 72-core MacBook Pro for a long time. I’m due for a new Computer, and I want another MacBook Pro. The last purchase I made was 4 years ago when the first generation MacBook Pro was released.

OK, I have seen some Core i7 laptops and so far I am not impressed. HP Envy 15 is a disaster. No optical drive, horribly unusable trackpad and not worth the sticker price.

Come on Apple, where’s my Core i37 MacBook Pro? Yeah, the one with 73-core CPU.

You can go back to sleep now, and stop F5-ing the Apple Store page.