UVC Water Bottle

I finally bought a UVC Water Bottle. I have not used it yet, as it is currently being charged.

I remember when the idea was pitched in KickStarter.

What is the safety of such product?

Since this is a relatively new product, I always proceed with caution.

New Guitar Strap

New guitar strap came in the mail today. It is Fender Modern Tweed Guitar Strap. It is a little bit thinner than Dunlop Classic Tweed Guitar Strap.

Dunlop Classic Tweed and Fender Modern Tweed Guitar Straps

I like these Tweed Guitar Straps, as I find them comfortable. That’s my personal preference.

Going 2.5 Gbps

I’m installing a 2.5 Gbps switch at my home office. I would go with 10 GBPs switch but it is still way too expensive and generating excessive heats.

I’m expecting some improvements for devices that support Wifi 6e.