Carlos Alazraqui: Cobb’s Comedy Club 12.27.2006

If you live or will be in the San Francisco and Greater Bay Area on December 27th 2006, go to Cobb’s Comedy Club. The star of “Reno 911!” the TV Series and the upcoming “Reno 911!: Miami” the Movie, Carlos Alazraqui will be doing stand-up comedy there.

Reno 911! - James Oswaldo Garcia (Carlos Alazraqui)

Reno 911!

Reno 911!: Miami

Carlos Alazraqui

Office for Mac Update: “You Don’t Need to Uninstall It!”

Microsoft posted and abruptly pulled the latest updates for Mac Office v. X and 2004 a few days ago. They even advised people who installed the updates to uninstall it. The problem is that there is no easy way to uninstall it. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to uninstall it.
Microsoft Mac Business Unit Team just clarified that there is no need to uninstall the updates.

The MSRC team put up a notice on their blog. That post told users to uninstall the patch without giving clear guidance on how to do that. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to uninstall it without going back to the original CD and doing a clean install followed by applying the latest full updater. That’s a really poor user experience for those who installed the update, so the MacBU is working very quickly to rectify the situation. As it turns out, however, the code that went live has no known issues, so while we recalled it because it had not been thoroughly vetted, there’s no urgent need to uninstall the patch.


If you really want to uninstall the patch (again, you do not need to do so), there are very complete instructions on the Word MVP site, or you can follow these abbreviated steps:

  1. Move the Microsoft Office 2004 or X folder to the trash (make sure you keep any important templates or other documents you may have saved into this folder)
  2. Empty the trash
  3. Reboot your Mac to ensure that the Entourage Database Daemon is not running (or use unix commands to terminate the process from the Terminal)
  4. Re-install Office from your original CD (drag-and-drop is fine)
  5. Run Microsoft AutoUpdate to re-install the 11.3.0 update. (For Office X, you’ll need to download and install the 10.1.8 patch manually)

MacHeist Raised $200,000 for Charity

Well, it’s official. MacHeist has raised $200,000 for Charity.


As for the charity, well, $190,000 just doesn’t seem like a round enough figure. You guys have done your part; now it’s our turn. We will be filling out the donation total to $200,000. And as pledged earlier, all donations will be made in the name of the Mac community.

This is one of the greatest way to promote any shareware Applications. While not every developers out there agree if this is a good idea, in the end everyone involves in this event reap the benefit. Be it the developers, the users, and the charity.