Scam Calls: Social Security…

I posted the audio and transcript of a scam call pretending to be from I also have recording of another scam call involving Social Security number.

The beginning part of the call was not recorded.

“…(se)curity number the Social Security Administration blocking your social security number on an immediate basis due to fraud and money-laundering case. So before we activate your arrest warrant, please call back on same number. To resolve this case File. I repeat call back on same number to talk to Social Security office to resolve this issue right now. Thank you.”

It is a scam!

Scam Calls: This is Amazon…

I’ve received scam calls from scammers pretending to be from

“This is Amazon. This call is to authorize the payment of $799 for the recent order of iPhone 11 on your Amazon account. If you do not authorize this payment, please press one to speak to our customer support representative. Thank you.”

A number of people told me that they too received similar calls. Unfortunately, some of them fell for the scam and gave the scammer access to their computer.

The scammer insists on “verifying” your Amazon account or gave them access to your computer remotely.

Should you receive calls like these, do not panic, don’t forget to bring a towel…

Do not press anything to speak to the fake customer support, simply hang up.

You can always check your account for any activities.

Pump-and-Dump Scammer is still at it.


Within the last 150 minutes, our spam filter caught more than 40 Pump-and-Dump email spam; the same ones from April 11, 2017.

Pump-and-Dump email spam typically comes in waves with randomly generated sender names. It is really easy to spot as it promises the potential collaborating-victim a quick scheme to make money. Based on our statistics, the scammer sends the email spam with two different subject lines and contents each day. If you happened to receive this kind of email spam, you would see multiple emails from different senders with the same exact subject line and content. They are really easy to spot.

You can help fighting the spammer by using services such as