You’ve gotta be kidding me, Ozzy’s Boneyard!

Now, that is some serious time travel, to have the song “Creeping Death” as a part of “Kill ‘Em All” record.

I’ve seen tons of gaffe on “Ozzy’s Boneyard”, a channel on SiriusXM. This one really make me want to meow loudly.

All well-read cats know that “Creeping Death” is one of the songs in Metallica’s sophomore album “Ride The Lightning”, which follows “Kill ‘Em All”.

Ruin an Album Title: Dream Theater – Images and Swords

Dream Theater - Images and Swords

Add one letter to “ruin” an album title.

Dream TheaterImages and Swords

Dream Theater - Images and Swords

Images and Words was released on July 7, 1992. It is the second album by Dream Theater and the first to feature James LaBrie on vocals.

The song “Pull Me Under” was the first single off the album and became a surprise hit, garnering airplay on radios and MTV.

ATCO, the band’s label at that time sent out two-track CD Promo for “Take the Time” with a note: “Play the unabridged version!”
(Editor’s note: we have that package somewhere, finding it is a different matter.)