Anthrax 40th Anniversary Livestream and then some.

Anthrax 40th Anniversary Livestream is about to start.

Audio mix of the livestream sounds good.


  1. Time (Intro)
  2. Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t
  3. Madhouse
  4. Caught in a Mosh
  5. Metal Thrashing Mad
  6. Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover)
  7. I Am the Law
  8. Keep It in The Family
  9. Lone Justice
  10. The Devil You Know
  11. Be All, End All
  12. Now It’s Dark
  13. Antisocial (Trust cover)
  14. Hymn 1 / In the End
  15. Medusa
  16. Evil Twin
  17. Indian
  18. A Skeleton in The Closet
  19. Aftershock
  20. Blood Eagle Wings
  21. Bring the Noise (Public Enemy cover, featuring Chuck D)
  22. A.I.R.
  23. Among the Living

Other songs performed and recorded, but was cut from the stream:

  • Breathing Lightning
  • Protest and Survive (Discharge cover)
  • Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)

Not a single song from John Bush era.

A random photo from my collection, It’s Binturong!

July 2, 2021: Piano for Sale

Second day of July 2021 and I’m helping an acquaintance selling a piano. It is not going to be easy because a piano like that sells about $12,000 and who’s buying?

Another thing I’ve been working on is updating a website for a friend. Unfortunately there were some issues with the hosting server that wouldn’t publish the changes. This is going to take longer that I expected.

On music, my friend had secured a few tickets to see Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio this fall. General Admission tickets were about $45 each plus a few hundred dollars in “convenience fee”. Now it has gone up to $85 each, labeled as “Verified Resale Ticket”. I hate the whole ticket reselling scheme.

I also received a CD in the mail.

In case you can’t read the band logo, it is “CADAVER”

I haven’t listen to it yet. CADAVER – “Edder & Bile” was released in November 2020.