Guitar Maintenance: Use Mineral Oil

One tip I learned from my Guitar Tech Friends and Luthiers: use mineral oil to maintain your guitars. You don’t need to buy the overpriced “special” scented fretboard oils. For about $2.00 you can get mineral oils from your local pharmacy, supermarket and hardware store. You want to use odorless and “food-safe” mineral oil.

For example, Target sells “Mineral Oil USP, Lubricant Laxative” for $1.99.

Apple Developer Center is still under maintenance

Apple Developer Center front page is still up while member center has been under maintenance since late Thursday July 19, 2013.

Apple Developer Center

The message says:

We’ll be back soon.

We apologize that maintenance is taking longer than expected.
If your program membership was set to expire during this period, it has been extended and your app will remain on the App Store. If you have any other concerns about your account, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience.

Apple Developer Maintenance 20130720

John Gruber thinks that it is bad news since Apple Store was also down.

Apple Store Maintenance 20130720

Obviously his spidey sense is either off or he doesn’t have one at all; John Gruber is not Peter Parker. Apple Store went back online right after Midnight on Sunday July 21, 2013.

During this period, Apple ID site is still working without interruptions.

Apple is expected to release iOS 7 beta 4 and OS X Mavericks Developer Preview 4 on Monday July 22, 2013; based on two week release schedule. Apparently many sites are reporting the obvious as news.

At this point our Apple contacts are either saying nothing or unreachable (out of the country).