Refurbishing Old Computers

During this “Stay at Home” periods, I have been refurbishing/upgrading a lot of computers. Mostly for people who are now staying home for most of the days of the week.

As they are staying home a lot more than usual in addition to the need for video teleconferencing, they found out that their computers are not adequate for what they want and need to do.

I have been scouring for CPUs, RAMs and Graphics Cards to upgrade these computers. Replacing many Intel CPUs with their better counterparts. I also installed SSD in lieu of traditional spinning Hard Drives.

Most computers I had been refurbishing were so full of dusts. They then to isolate and trap heats in the computer, causing degradation of performance and excessive fan noise.

For each and every computer that I work on, I always make sure they are clean before I brought them back.

Whither, HP?

HP Art Thou,

From HP Press Release:

HP To Separate Into Two New Industry-Leading Public Companies

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will define the next generation of technology infrastructure, software and services for the New Style of IT

HP Inc. will be the leading personal systems and printing company delivering innovations that will empower people to create, interact and inspire like never before

It is not entirely a surprise for HP to spin-off its PC and Printer divisions. Back in 2011, then HP CEO Leo Apotheker was looking into selling off its PC unit. After appointing Meg Whitman as CEO, HP announced that it would keep its PC Division.

HP Computers and Printers are still selling, but does it really give HP good profit margins. Of course, its lucrative printer in business is still profitable; but for how long?