July 2, 2021: Piano for Sale

Second day of July 2021 and I’m helping an acquaintance selling a piano. It is not going to be easy because a piano like that sells about $12,000 and who’s buying?

Another thing I’ve been working on is updating a website for a friend. Unfortunately there were some issues with the hosting server that wouldn’t publish the changes. This is going to take longer that I expected.

On music, my friend had secured a few tickets to see Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio this fall. General Admission tickets were about $45 each plus a few hundred dollars in “convenience fee”. Now it has gone up to $85 each, labeled as “Verified Resale Ticket”. I hate the whole ticket reselling scheme.

I also received a CD in the mail.

In case you can’t read the band logo, it is “CADAVER”

I haven’t listen to it yet. CADAVER – “Edder & Bile” was released in November 2020.