Memory Box: Dual Powered USB Cable

We have been sorting out storage and found a lot of parts, components, cables, etc.

Dual Powered USB Cable

Some devices requires more power than a single USB (1.0) can provide. Therefore a Dual Powered USB Cables were needed.

So many memories…

Idiots in Cars: Riskin’ It All on I-405 Freeway

Dashcam Footage on I-405 South and CA Route 73 Junction

This dash cam footage was captured on July 28, 2022 at 5:31 pm; on Interstate 405 South (I-405 S) and California Route 73 Junction.

The black SUV was rushing from I-405S to 73 at the last moment and hit the orange cone.

Black SUV hits orange barrel

This is not the firs time a car hit those plastic barrier.

Another orange barel was previously hit by another Idiot in Car
Another orange barel was previously hit by another Idiot in Car

Please, don’t do this. I’ve seen the aftermath of an Idiot in Car hit the concrete barrier on a different freeway junction. If you’re about to miss a junction or an exit, keep calm and go to the next exit.

Warnception: Twitter Hellscape, Sensitive Content Edition.

For some reasons, Twitter has added the following to each and every post on @37prime account:

We put a warning on this Tweet because it
might have sensitive content. Appeal this

Twitter warning of sensitive content.

I do not get warning at all on my personal Twitter account. I wonder why Twitter suddenly flagged this account. Could it be a mistake or something else such as someone reporting 37prime to Twitter.

I took the screenshot above and posted it on Twitter. Knowing what I knew then, I expected Twitter to automatically put the same warning to the post. Boom there goes the sonic!

Tweet about getting a warning, gets a warning.

I “appealed” to Twitter regarding the warning on the original post and haven’t from them at the time of this post.

So, I took screenshot of the second post and made a tweet about it, expecting the warning to appear.

It’s a Warnception!

Yep, the warning is there. I could keep going on and on and on and on…

By the way, this post will be automatically tweeted, and most likely will get the same warning.