Resurrecting a WordPress Blog

To quote the character played by Tony Shalhoub, “Here’s what happened.”

March 4th 204, I decided to upgrade my WordPress 2.0.x blog to version 2.3.3 after creating a backup. Long story short, the Yahoo! installed WordPress blog could not be upgraded to version 2.3.3 safely, and essentially in the process, my database was corrupted.

The worse news is that the backup was not good either. After a seemingly long period of self-deprecation, I started a new WordPress 2.3.3 blog. It was almost perfect, but completely functional.

Anyway, I reinstall the blog using Yahoo! control panel, and it turned out to be version 2.3.2 sans all my postings. I had a really old back-up, and it was not compatible with WordPress at all.

March 30th, I upgraded all my WordPress blog to version 2.5 including the one with all the missing postings. Still dreading from the loss, I slowly did some manual entry on the blog. Then it hit me. I tried using the backup and restore feature. I backed-up and restored it to


Not perfect, but I got 80% of my postings back.

Now I have no worries when it comes to moving the WordPress blog.

I’m sleepy, so I’m gonna get some sleep.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

The great folks at have been working hard at new WordPress version. I finally upgraded this blog ( to version 2.5 about fifteen minutes ago. I was reluctant at first to upgrade the blog since my previous big upgrade killed 37primeBlog database. Don’t know how and why it happened, but it was not pretty. This time I backed up the database using three different methods, just in case.

To my surprise the upgrade from WP 2.3.2 to WP 2.5 was smooth. No hick-ups. I am thankful for that.

Anyway, you can grab WordPress 2.5 at You can also read more about it here.

p.s. I am planning to upgrade 37primeBlog to WP 2.5 and gradually restore the database from an outdated back-up.