Dream Theater: “A Rite Of Passage” Free Download

The file is a 320kbps mp3, at 19.7MB.
Pre-order info: http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/blackclouds/

Roadrunner Records is making Dream Theater new song “A Rite Of Passage” available for download on May 6th, 2009 at midnight Eastern Time. The download is available only for 24 hours. If you’re reading this after May 7th, then the link will no longer give you the download, instead the song will be available for streaming at RoadrunnerRecords.com on some site (Google is your friend). “A Rite Of Passage” is the first single off Dream Theater’s “Black Clouds & Silver Linings” that will be released on June23rd, 2009.

Yes it resembles “Freemason Symbol” Google | Wikipedia

Dream Theater: A Rite Of Passage

Download it here.


“Black Clouds & Silver Linings”

01. A Nightmare to Remember
02. A Rite of Passage
03. Wither
04. The Shattered Fortress
05. The Best of Times
06. The Count of Tuscany

Dream Theater: Black Clouds & Silver Lining

“Black Clouds & Silver Linings” is available on:

We’ll add more info as they are made available.

Metallica: “The Day That Never Comes”

UPDATE: “The Day That Never Comes” is available at iTunes Store (USA iTunes Store). It is of coursed DRM’ed and etc. It is not available yet on Amazon MP3 store because of the Copy Protection issues. Bad DRM, bad! I could include the link to the MP3, but Lars would be mad at me because he needs the money for the gold-plated shark tank bar installed right next to the pool that he always wanted (see South Park: Christian Rock Hard).

“The Day That Never Comes” on iTunes:

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Metallica premieres “The Day That Never Comes” today. The second song off “Death Magnetic” following the live performance of “Cyanide” at OZZFEST 2008 (August 9th).

The song can be heard through Metallica Official Website, Mission: Metallica Site, Metallica’s MySpace Page, and select radio stations.

As always, unofficial downloadable audio of this song can be found on the internet.

The song is reminiscent of Metallica’s own past works. “Fade To Black”, “Orion” and “One” come to mind. One thing for sure that this is nowhere near “St. Anger” which can only mean good things.

“Death Magnetic” will be released on September 12th worldwide in digital download format. “Death Magnetics” comes in multiple formats and packaging.

  • “Death Magnetic” CD
  • “Death Magnetic” Double LP Vinyl set, 33.3 RPM
  • “Death Magnetic” Deluxe Edition 5LP limited edition vinyl set! The deluxe edition comes as a 5LP gatefold, 180gram Audiophile Quality Vinyl, Half Speed Mastered at Mobile Fidelity 45 rpm. Comes with Death Magnetic lithograph!
  • “Death Magnetic” Coffin Box Set
    The Coffin shaped box contains the new CD along with a bonus CD with demos, DVD with more making of footage, a flag, guitar picks, fold out poster, a T-shirt, and a free download of a European Show happening in September. Free digital download of the album (320 KB/S) available at 12:01 am on September 12th!
  • “Death Magnetic” Digital Download

From Metallica:

The Death Magnetic Coffin Box will NOT ship the week of the release and could be several weeks later, we are sorry for the delay.

If you’re looking for “The Day That Never Comes” mp3 (or anything like it), it is somewhere on the internet.

Be careful because some sites (including blogs) are posting fake links to malicious DNS Trojan Horse download.

Metallica: “Death Magnetic” Cover Art is Revealed

Metallica has revealed the cover art for “Death Magnetic,” the new album since 2003.

Higher resolution of the cover art can be found at Metallica’s own website.

As pictured above, the cover art depicts magnetic field surrounding a coffin-shaped grave. “Death Magnetic” cover art also marks the return of Metallica’s famous logo with slight alterations that was abandoned since “Load” in 1996, with the exception of “Garage Inc.” which was a facsimile of “Garage Days Re-Revisited” band logo.

As a side notes, some Blabbermouth readers posted funny comments about the cover art.

As previously confirmed, a special edition of “Death Magnetic” will be packaged in a coffin box. The Special Edition Box will include the full CD , a demo CD, “making of the album” DVD, a t-shirt only available in this box, a flag, guitar picks, and a fold out poster along with a collector’s credit card embossed with a code to redeem a free download of a special European show happening in September (details coming soon!). Special Edition contents are subject to change/finalize.