Back to the Mac: No New MacBook Pro in plain sight.

Apple is set to offer sneak peek on its upcoming version of Mac OS codenamed “Lion” on its “Back to the Mac” event this coming Wednesday October 20th, 2010. In addition to what Apple has hinted on its invitations, many speculates that a new MacBook Air will be introduced at the event. Supposed leaked pictures of the upcoming MacBook Air have surfaced. Another products up for refresh are iLife and iWork suites. Apple is likely to introduced iLife ’11 and iWork ’11 at the event. iLife ’11 is likely to feature a never before bundled application to the suite. iWork ’11 is likely to feature the same application bundle with numbers of new features included.

Many also wonders if Apple would refresh the MacBook Pro lines. According to an source within Apple who shall remain anonymous, there will be no real upgrade to the MacBook Pro lines. The 13-inch MacBook Pro might gain Core i5 at best, while its 15-inch and 17-inch counterparts remain virtually the same. Apple is likely to update MacBook Pro lines in early 2011 with Intel’s Sandy Bridge CPU.

We will find out more about the event starting 10:00 AM Cupertino Time on Wednesday October 20th, 2010. Stay tuned for live coverage links and possibly a live stream from Apple.

Apple to hold “Back to the Mac.” event Wednesday October 20th, 2010.

Apple is sending out invitations to the Press for an event dub as “Back to the Mac.”

“Back to the Mac.”?

As many pundits have been chattering about, that includes you Leo Laporte, Apple seemed to have been “neglecting” the Mac for quite sometimes now. iPhone and iPad have been taking the lionhsare of attentions from Apple and the public. Well it is time for the Mac to take the lionshare with the next version of Mac OS, most likely be codenamed Lion. Lion, Lionshare… get it?

The hint is pretty obvious that the next Mac OS X will be previewed on this event. The first beta of the next version of Mac OS X may as well be made available after the event, as many Developers hope. Who knows if Apple might be dropping the “X” from its upcoming Operating System. There’s the iOS and here comes the Mac OS; one can only speculate. “Say hello to Mac OS 10.7 Lion.” That is so hybrid of 1990’s and 2000’s.

Many news outlets are also speculating that a new MacBook Air will be introduced in this event. A smaller MacBook Air perhaps. The rumor mills have been saying that Apple is working on an 11-inch MacBook Air. We all will find that out soon.

Will Apple also refresh the MacBook Pro lines? It is possible if Apple somehow managed to acquire the next generations of Intel Processors before its early 2011 release date.

“Back to the Mac.” event will be held on Apple Cupertino Campus on Wednesday October 20th, 2010 at 10:00AM Pacific Time (18:00 UTC). Is is unknown if Apple will stream the event on just like the Spetember 2010 Music Event.

Check back for more info and ridiculous claims of telepathically obtained info of the “Back to the Mac.” event.

By the way, does that one site get the invite to this event? The site that bought and disassembled (broke) the “stolen” iPhone prototype?