Futurama, MakerBot, MacBook Air and Apple.

In Forty Percent Leadbelly episode, Futurama made mentions of MakerBot, MacBook Air and Apple.


The lines of codes in the screenshot below includes:


Futurama Forty Percent Leadbelly

Close to the end of the episode, Silicon Red mentions MacBook Air in his song as Bender’s funeral is Funded by Apple, Inc.; official designation is “Apple Inc.” (without the comma).

Futurama MacBook Air Apple Inc

By the way, Happy 4th of July, especially to the ones in The United States.


Is this covered under AppleCare?

Imagine the conversations at Apple Genius Bar.

Genius: How may I help you?
Customer: My iPhone headset is broken.
Genius: When did you buy the phone? Do you have AppleCare for it?
Customer: Oh yes I do have AppleCare.
Genius: Let me see the headset.
Customer: Here it is, as you can see…….
Genius: Well, to be honest AppleCare does not cover this kind of damage.
Customer: Well, I found out the headset is not chew-proof. I have a puppy.
Genius: Well, I’ll replace it anyway. Just don’t give it to your puppy.
Customer: Oh, thanks. Thanks a lot.
Genius: Glad I can help. Here you go. Have a good day.