Apple USB Mac OS X Installers

When Apple first released MacBook Air, it came with Mac OS X 10.6 installer on USB Drive.

Later on Apple made OS X Lion installer on USB available for purchase at Apple Store Online.

This USB drives are collectors item and you can still find them somewhere on the Internet, such as that one website where people bid for, buy and sell stuff.

Atoms in Pink Coral

Atoms Model 000 Pink Coral Sneak Peek

First off, there are a lot of Copy n’ Paste from previous article, Atoms in Ocean Blue.

I received Atoms Model 000 in Pink Coral one week and a day after I received Atoms Model 000 in Ocean Blue.

Atoms Model 000 Pink Coral 33

From Atoms:
“This limited-run color was available to order from March 31, 2020 – April 10, 2020.”

Atoms Model 000 Pink Coral Boxed

I ordered a pair of Model 000 in Ocean Blue the day I received the email from Atoms. I took the time to decide if I would like Pink Coral colored shoes. Then I realized that I could use these shoes in Pink Coral for a totally unrelated project. I would talk about that later. So I ordered Model 000 in Pink Coral on April 10, the last day to order these limited-run colors.

Atoms Model 000 Pink Coral Boxed Top Bottom

Command-C & Command-V, edit, edit and edit.

Atoms Shoes comes in BlackWhiteBlack/White. New colors then were introduced in the order GrayNeon, and Red Clay. In late March 2020, Atoms introduced Water Resistant Model 000 in Ocean Blue and Pink Coral.

Pink Coral Atoms shoes feels exactly the same like other Ocean Blue Atoms shoes and its predecessors. Same materials with previous incarnations of Atoms Shoes, with Water Resistance added. Somehow, I regretted skipping Model 000 Red Clay. Maybe someone at Atoms can help. (insert grin emoji)

Stay tuned for “Water Torture” test on both Model 000 in Ocean Blue and Pink Coral.

Atoms shoes have become the primary shoes that I wear for more than 14 Months. I have clocked over 12,000 Miles on my first pair which I still wear to this day. I did buy another pair of Model 000 Black to replace my first pair of Atoms shoes, but I haven’t got around to it, yet. Don’t ask me how I even find a way to slack on that.

This is in no way a sponsored post by Atoms. I do like their shoes and I have paid for every pair I bought, including replacement Copper-Lined Insoles and Stretchy Laces. You can get $20 off for your first pair of Atoms shoes by clicking on this link.

By the way, Atoms also sells mouth-covering masks, simply called Atoms Everyday Mask or Atoms Everyday Face Mask. Small, Medium and Large sizes in eight colors.

Refurbishing Old Computers

During this “Stay at Home” periods, I have been refurbishing/upgrading a lot of computers. Mostly for people who are now staying home for most of the days of the week.

As they are staying home a lot more than usual in addition to the need for video teleconferencing, they found out that their computers are not adequate for what they want and need to do.

I have been scouring for CPUs, RAMs and Graphics Cards to upgrade these computers. Replacing many Intel CPUs with their better counterparts. I also installed SSD in lieu of traditional spinning Hard Drives.

Most computers I had been refurbishing were so full of dusts. They then to isolate and trap heats in the computer, causing degradation of performance and excessive fan noise.

For each and every computer that I work on, I always make sure they are clean before I brought them back.