Apple Releases Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta with Two Finger Scrolling and Right Click

Apple releases Boot Camp 1.1.2 Beta

Two Finger Scrolling and Two Finger Right Click on MacBook (Pro) Trackpad is now enabled for Windows XP.

Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta provides updated driver support Intel-based Macs including the newly released MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo.

Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta weighs in at 143MB while Boot Camp 1.1.1 weighs in at 186MB

From Apple:

Changes in Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta
Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta contains several updates and is intended for all new and previous Boot Camp beta users.

Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta includes:

  • Support for the latest Intel-based Macintosh computers
  • Easier partitioning using presets for popular sizes
  • Ability to install Windows XP on any internal disk
  • Support for built-in iSight cameras
  • Support for built-in microphones
  • Support for the Apple USB Modem
  • Trackpad scrolling and right-click support on Apple Laptops
  • Improved Apple keyboard support including Delete, PrintScreen, NumLock, and ScrollLock keys
  • Improved International Apple keyboard support

Download Boot Camp 1.1.2 beta

Important note:
It is recommended to uninstall the previous “Macintosh Drivers” before installing “Macintosh Drivers 1.1.2 beta”.


Apple is Rolling Out The New .Mac Webmail Interface

Approximately 6:00PM Pacific Standard Time (PST), I logged on to my .Mac webmail and I was greeted with a message from Apple. I have been using the .Mac webmail the whole day because I was not working on my usual computer where I use as the email client.

Apple is officially rolling out the new .Mac Webmail interface.

New .Mac Webmail Interface Message - October 2006
Click on the picture for larger image
If you have .Mac account, just log in to your .Mac webmail.

Based on a number of poeple I know, not all of them have their account switched to the new interface yet.

Update (9:00PM PST):

It seems that Apple rolling it out pretty quick. More reports from colleagues and friends; they are getting the new UI.

Get .Mac from (<$80)
Get .Mac from Apple Store

Features of the new .Mac webmail

  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • A message pane
  • Quick Reply
  • Address Book integration
  • Message previews
  • Message flagging
  • Keyboard shortcuts

List of supported browsers:

Mac OS X

  • Safari 1.2 or later
  • Firefox 1.0.4 or later


  • Firefox 1.0.4 or later
  • Internet Explorer 6 or later