MacHeist Raised $200,000 for Charity

Well, it’s official. MacHeist has raised $200,000 for Charity.


As for the charity, well, $190,000 just doesn’t seem like a round enough figure. You guys have done your part; now it’s our turn. We will be filling out the donation total to $200,000. And as pledged earlier, all donations will be made in the name of the Mac community.

This is one of the greatest way to promote any shareware Applications. While not every developers out there agree if this is a good idea, in the end everyone involves in this event reap the benefit. Be it the developers, the users, and the charity.

Apple Honors Season Pass for South Park Season 10

Apple is giving the complete South Park Season 10 to customers who purchased Season 10A Season Pass.

iTunes Store Season Pass for South Park Season 10 created a controversy after Comedy Central decided to split the season in two. Many customers who purchased South Park Season 10 “Season Pass” were outraged to find out that they only got 7 episodes instead of the whole season. Currently iTunes Store is sellling South Park Season 10A for $11.99 and Season 10B for $13.93.

Apple has begun sending emails to iTunes customers who purchased Season Pass for South Park Season 10 prior to Comedy Central decision to split the season.

If you bought the Season Pass for South Park Season 10 before the announced split, you might be getting the email already. Enjoy!

Thanks Apple.

Read the email from Apple here:

Wikipedia Hacked by GNAA

Approximately around 10:45 PM Pacific Standard Time, Wikipedia ( website was being hacked by GNAA (

Another Fellow WordPress Blogger actually got a screenshot of the hacked Wikipedia main page.

Wikipedia was actually fixing the page while it was being hacked.

In the meantime, GNAA posts a press release that somewhat explain the reason behind Wikipedia hack.

The hack was a retalication against Wikipedia for GNAA article deletion.

At first glance, it seemed that it was merely a change made on the frontpage. But such changes could not be found in the page history. It is unknown if Wikipedia administrators/moderators could selectively delete the page history.