My New Gear: Canon EOS 60D

I have been wanting to get a new DSLR Camera for a few months now. I have Canon gears so I was looking into getting Canon EOS 7D late last year. During one of the trip, I stopped by Idaho Camera at Boise Towne Square Mall and tried out a few cameras. One of them was Canon EOS 60D and I really like the swivel screen.

I ordered the Canon EOS 60D on Monday from with one-day shipping; I have Amazon Prime Membership. The camera arrived Tuesday Afternoon as promised. I immediately opened the packaging and charged the battery. Unfortunately I already had a commitment or Tuesday evening that I didn’t have a chance to play with the camera.

Wednesday comes and I took a few pictures with the camera, I still have to learn the controls. In the meantime, I’m still using the Canon EOS 500D/Digital Rebel T1i as my main camera.

I am going to take a week or two to learn using the EOS 60D before using it as my main camera.

What’s next?
I know I need a new flash unit to go with the 60D.

Canon EOS 60D, a One Thousand Dollar Question.

I am considering buying Canon EOS 60D instead of Canon EOS 7D. There are a few things about EOS 60D that I like over EOS 7D.

  • The new tilt-swivel LCD
  • Most of the features from EOS 7D
  • Lower price point than EOS 7D

To be honest, the tilt-swivel LCD is great for shooting videos with EOS 60D.

I need more informations before I buy a new DSLR Camera Body. Then again, Canon might announce new DSLR camera at Winter CES 2011. Well, I’ll wait for another week.