“Thank You for your service, Sir.”

I was working on a computer that belongs to a retired United States Air Force Pilot earlier today. He flew numerous rescue missions during the Vietnam war. Now he’s staying at home battling Alzheimer’s disease. He is still in a good spirit, telling jokes within our conversations.

After hearing his stories when he’s still in the force, I said to him “Thank You for your service, Sir.”

700 miles down, 160 miles to go.

I left for Los Angeles, California from Boise, Idaho early this morning. A lot of pictures taken along the way, some are totally unusable, some are fine and some I am really happy with.

The weather was good despite of being cold. It was only as low as 16 degree Fahrenheit.

In the middle of the trip, the Virgin Mobile MiFi stopped working. I had to rely on my phones for Internet access.

Idaho, Oregon and Nevada; I am now back in California. There are 160 more miles to go till I get home. My colleague and I took turns driving. So far we’re pretty much on time.

It’s roughly a 860-mile trip from Idaho to California. Great view along the mountains.