TDSS Rootkit

A client called me because one of the office computer “was not working.”

Well, the problem was much severe than described. It suffered from multiple malware infections. As usual, I used numbers of applications to detect and remove the malware. I also noted that this computer is unable to download any Windows Update.

So, the system is infected with TDSS Rootkit.

The next step is to download Kaspersky Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller.

I made sure to “Change parameters” and select the option to detect TDSS file system.

After a reboot, Windows is able to download and install updates.

Still broken, this kitten is.

…and now a message from Meatloaf T. Cat.

Pillage The Kitten is still broken. She is going to the Veterinarian to get fixed.

Meatloaf T. Cat

“Thank You for your service, Sir.”

I was working on a computer that belongs to a retired United States Air Force Pilot earlier today. He flew numerous rescue missions during the Vietnam war. Now he’s staying at home battling Alzheimer’s disease. He is still in a good spirit, telling jokes within our conversations.

After hearing his stories when he’s still in the force, I said to him “Thank You for your service, Sir.”