Free WordPress Theme, a lesson in security.

So you are running your own WordPress site. There are a lot of things you need to be aware of to keep it secure. Keep up with the releases, be mindful of the plugins and know where you get the theme from.

Siobhan Ambrose at

A few months ago I wrote about WordPress Security. Now, armed only with the words “free WordPress themes,” builtBackwards’ Theme Authenticity Checker Plugin and Donncha O Caoimh’s Exploit Scanner, I’m going to take a look through the first page of Google to see just how safe pages ranking for “Free WordPress Themes” are.


Out of the ten sites on the first page of Google, here are the stats:

  • Safe: 1
  • Iffy: 1
  • Avoid: 8

It is not a surprise, just like searching for “free movie download” and getting a list of danger-laden sites. If you a WordPress site hosted by, then you can be assured that it is as safe as it can be. As always, look for free themes through site.