GOT 7.2?

It is a definitely different Sunday compared to a week ago, but… horse sh………. (go rewatch “Dragonstone” if you need the reference).

…but one thing is the same; Game of Thrones Season 7.

We had productive week and an an interesting Sunday. New builds of beta softwares from a certain “fruit” company are ready for deployment in the next few days, or at least that’s what we were told. In addition to that, we’ve been using Acorn 6 for quite sometimes. Let’s make Acorn 6 as our pick of the week. This is in no way a paid product placement. We actually gave Flying Meat $14.99 minus the App Store fee to unlock Acorn 6. We would pay Flying Meat directly, but the Mac App Store is a more convenient route.

Anyway, back to rewatching Game of Thrones, Season 7 Episode 2, “Stormborn” over and over again.

Orange Micro Terror Stack MT20 & PPC108

Orange Micro Terror Stack MT20 & PPC108 is coming from to our office this Sunday. We originally were going to get just the Orange Amplifiers PPC108 1×8 20W Speaker Cabinet to use with the JOYO banTamP ZOMBIE Mini Tube Head. We figured out, why not get the Orange Micro Terror Stack MT20 too.

We love the JOYO banTamP ZOMBIE Mini Tube Head as it was able to power a 2×12 Cabinet, albeit not to its full potential. That’s why we decided to get a 1×8 20W Cabinet, in case we’re going into the hobby/business in reviewing guitar accessories.

Can’t wait for Sunday to come.