Ernie Ball: The Hetfield + Hammett Experience

Ernie Ball Hetfield Hammett Experience.jpg

This is something that I’ve been meaning to post for two weeks. Finally I get to pick up a few packs of Ernie Ball strings at a local Guitar Center. I am working on a few guitars this week.

From Metallica:

What do James and Kirk do when they’re not on tour?  Hang out at HQ!  And now you have the chance to hang with them!  In conjunction with our friends at Ernie Ball, makers of fine guitar strings and instrument accessories, three lucky winners will be coming to the San Francisco Bay Area to spend the day with James and Kirk at HQ AND get their choice of a Hetfield or Hammett Signature ESP Guitar.

Head to for more details.

Mystery UMGD Package

Mystery UMGD Package.jpg

“We have the box!”

What is this “UMGD”?

What’s this “Friday Street Date”?

It is commemorating a 30 year anniversary of something that became really huge.

It is related to music history.

Orange Micro Terror Stack MT20 & PPC108, the Arrival

Orange Micro Terror Stack MT20 & PPC108 we ordered from just arrived today, thanks to Amazon Sunday Delivery.

Inside the the box, along with the Orange Micro Terror Stack MT20 and the Orange Amplifiers PPC108 1×8 20W Speaker Cabinet, an Orange Kirlin 10ft Instrument Cable is also included. Based on the comments on, the cable is not always included as it is not part of the product description.

We’re going to have fun with it. For sure we are going to pair the Orange Amplifiers PPC108 1×8 20W Speaker Cabinet with the JOYO banTamP ZOMBIE Mini Tube Head we purchased a few weeks ago.