David X. Cohen Interview About Futurama Episodes

David X. Cohen talks about New Futurama, Fry and Leela relationship, and Hypnotoad.

ToyFare: So where are you right now in the production of the new season?

DAVID X. COHEN: We’re about halfway through the writing, but just getting started on the animation. One big decision we have not yet made is how, once again, to “end” the series—hopefully not for the last time.

ToyFare: How long after the last “series finale” does the new season take place? And what can we expect for the Fry and Leela relationship?

COHEN: When our story resumes, two long years have passed. As for the Fry/Leela relationship, we will be visiting that subject right away, so I refuse to tell you where it will lead on the grounds that I want you to buy the DVD.

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I first saw it on GotFuturama

Reno 911!: Miami Trailer

Finally, a trailer for Reno 911! Miami surfaced on the net.

Watch it here


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