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I have been using Automatic since its first iteration back in 2013. The second generation Automatic adapter has built-in GPS, relying less on the phone.

The third Automatic adapter inludes Unlimited 3G subscription for 5 years. Granted, I am likely to buy the next version of Automatic adapter.

There are stark difference between Automatic Pro App and its predecessor. According to Automatic Labs, they are still working on features to be included in the Automatic Pro App.

I miss the Info Dashboard on the (old) Automatic App, I’m sure that it is coming to the Automatic Pro App.


Automatic Info Dasboard

The Automatic Pro App includes a “Drive Style” analysis.

Automatic Pro App Driving Style.jpg

According to Automatic Pro App, I’m a bit aggressive on the Highways as opposed to being on the City streets.

I recommend Automatic Pro for those who would like to keep track their driving activities; that includes parents and companies.

Automatic Pro is available for purchase direct from Automatic Website and soon at

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From “The Are You Serious?” Files: “California to Outlaw Black Cars”

It’s something political this time with some tech and science angle. I first discovered the news through and thought that it must be a story from The Onion. Well, it is not!

It is an article from DC Republican Examiner ( titled “California to Outlaw Black Cars.

Pretty sure that April 1st is just around the corner, I hope that this is some kind of joke.

From the article:

You see, you thoughtless dark car owners are killing the planet because your car uses too much energy to cool the passengers.

In theory, darker color materials tend to absorb more heat. For a car, does it really make that much difference in terms of energy consumptions to cool the cabin if the color of the car is dark (read black)?

What’s next? We should have all the road painted to less-heat-absorbing-color then. No more asphalts?

South Park: Pan-flute Rendition of Gary Numan’s “Cars”

A reader (Tony) has provided us the link to MP3 of Pan-flute rendition of Gary Numan’s “Cars”. Not quite the same one as featured in South Park Season 12 Episode 11 “Pandemic 2 – The Startling.” jeffmo points that out.

Get it here while the link still works!

Please leave a comment if the link no longer worked.


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Images are courtesy of South Park Studios and Comedy Central.