Automatic Pro

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I have been using Automatic since its first iteration back in 2013. The second generation Automatic adapter has built-in GPS, relying less on the phone.

The third Automatic adapter inludes Unlimited 3G subscription for 5 years. Granted, I am likely to buy the next version of Automatic adapter.

There are stark difference between Automatic Pro App and its predecessor. According to Automatic Labs, they are still working on features to be included in the Automatic Pro App.

I miss the Info Dashboard on the (old) Automatic App, I’m sure that it is coming to the Automatic Pro App.


Automatic Info Dasboard

The Automatic Pro App includes a “Drive Style” analysis.

Automatic Pro App Driving Style.jpg

According to Automatic Pro App, I’m a bit aggressive on the Highways as opposed to being on the City streets.

I recommend Automatic Pro for those who would like to keep track their driving activities; that includes parents and companies.

Automatic Pro is available for purchase direct from Automatic Website and soon at

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Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

My colleague was really looking forward to using Microsoft’s Universal Mobile Keyboard. It connects to iOS devices (i.e. iPhone and iPad), Android devices and Desktop PC via Bluetooth. Unfortunately, the unit he received was defective as the battery was not holding any charges. It worked great when connected to a power source via micro-USB. The power cuts out as soon as the USB cable was unplugged. Amazon sent out replacement unit and it was delivered two days after. For some odd reasons, the replacement unit was also defective. Microsoft has yet to respond to the support request.

By the way, the rubberized surface attracts all kinds of dirts.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard attracts dirts



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Desperate and Delusional BlackBerry CEO

Desperate and Delusional BlackBerry CEO

BlackBerry CEO, John Chen:

Unfortunately, not all content and applications providers have embraced openness and neutrality. Unlike BlackBerry, which allows iPhone users to download and use our BBM service, Apple does not allow BlackBerry or Android users to download Apple’s iMessage messaging service. Netflix, which has forcefully advocated for carrier neutrality, has discriminated against BlackBerry customers by refusing to make its streaming movie service available to them. Many other applications providers similarly offer service only to iPhone and Android users. This dynamic has created a two-tiered wireless broadband ecosystem, in which iPhone and Android users are able to access far more content and applications than customers using devices running other operating systems. These are precisely the sort of discriminatory practices that neutrality advocates have criticized at the carrier level.

I wonder if John Chen realized how ridiculously wrong he is. The chief reason BlackBerry “allows” iPhone and Android users to download and use BBM service is that an overwhelming majority of users do not want BlackBerry phone. Thus, less and less people using BlackBerry BBM service.

BlackBerry, formerly Research In Motion, dismissed the threat of the iPhone back in 2007. That’s one of their first mistakes.

BlackBerry would never care to release BBM on other platform if they were the most popular platform.  Right now they are just desperate to keep the company afloat. John Chen is just delusional. Apple and Netflix do not have the obligations to make any of their services available on each and every single platform out there.

One of my associates is still a BlackBerry user; she just acquired a BlackBerry classic. Yet, she prefers using SMS on the phone and iMessage on her iPad.
My relatives are still using BBM on their Android phones, that’s because they were BlackBerry users. They were.