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Acorn 1920x1080

Acorn 5

Acorn 5 is out now and on sale for a limited time for $24.95. Available through Flying Meat Store and Mac App …


The Verge, With and Without Ad-Blocker.

“People who work for ad-analytic-tracker infested websites shouldn’t complain about the browser.” First and foremost, this post would include fairly sizable graphics; …

The Verge Mobile Web Sucks (Landscape)

Mobile Web and Glass Houses

Nilay Patel is wrong on the “The mobile web sucks” article he posted on the Verge. Let’s take a look at the article …


‘Twas The Night Before Apple WWDC 2015

Apple will kick off this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference at 10:00 a.m. San Francisco time. As usual in addition to Apple live stream1 of the Keynote, …

AOL Acquires Netscape 4.2 Billions 19981124

AOL in 1998 and 2015

May 12, 2015 Verizon Press Release: Verizon to acquire AOL NEW YORK – Taking another significant step in building digital and video …