Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is released with Windows Vista support and ssecurity updates.

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Available for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and More.

Release Notes:

Fixed in Firefox

  • XSS using outer window’s Function object
  • RSS Feed-preview referrer leak
  • Mozilla SVG Processing Remote Code Execution
  • XSS by setting img.src to javascript: URI
  • LiveConnect crash finalizing JS objects
  • Privilege escallation using watch point
  • CSS cursor image buffer overflow (Windows only)
  • Crashes with evidence of memory corruption (rv:

Microsoft Releases Updates for Mac Office (12.19.2006)

Microsoft releases updates for Mac Office v.X and 2004 today. Microsoft pulled previous update citing that the patches were not thoroughly tested and not ready for deployment. Later, Microsoft Macintosh Business Unit clarified that there is nothing wrong with the patches.

From The Office for Mac Team Blog:

You can download them for Office 2004 and for Office v. X (and the Office 2004 updater should be available via Microsoft AutoUpdate as well). These updates can be applied whether or not you installed the pre-release updaters that were briefly available last week.


Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac 11.3.2 Update (12.19.2006)

This update contains several improvements for PowerPoint and Entourage.

Applies to: Office 2004 Standard Edition, Office 2004 Student and Teacher Edition, Office 2004 Professional Edition, Word 2004, Excel 2004, PowerPoint 2004, Entourage 2004.


Microsoft Office v. X for Mac Update (2006-12-19)

This update contains several improvements to enhance stability in PowerPoint.

Applies to: Office v. X, Microsoft Word X for Mac, Microsoft Excel X for Mac, Microsoft PowerPoint X for Mac, Microsoft Entourage X for Mac.Requirements: